We move a lot of inventory due to the online listing quality and marketing services and resulting lead quality we get through AutoUpLinkUSA. As our partners, they have become essential to our Internet marketing success. If any issues arise they’re here quickly to resolve them to our satisfaction.- Kevin CohanManaging Partner, Jim Coleman Auto Group, an Infiniti, Honda, Scion, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Cadillac dealership, Bethesda, MD

We’ve been an AutoUpLinkUSA customer for a long time. When the company introduced its do-it-yourself tool, its Dealer UpLink service, it enabled me to create the online results I want myself, complete with multiple images, text over images and other marketing commentary, that helps us sell vehicles online more effectively and more affordably.- Dave Ligas Used Car Manager, Hiller Ford, Milwaukee, WI

Some of the biggest dealer organizations aim toward AutoUpLinkUSA as one of two top suppliers of online vehicle inventory marketing services, and when I joined this dealership one of the first calls I made was to Barry Smith of AutoUpLinkUSA of Carolina. The service greatly simplifies the operation of the BDC, and it delivers a lot of side benefits aside from imaging inventory, exploding VINs and uploading vehicle information. For instance, because it integrates with our dealer management system nightly, our online inventory is always accurate and current…inventory isn’t removed from the site until the deal is actually closed, so should financing not go through I don’t have to manually re-list that unit. The company is very responsive to our needs and the service is exceptional, an endorsement I can’t make for some other listing vendors I’ve used before.- Bill Waite BDC Director, GM Direct Automotive, Jonesville, NC, a Chevrolet-Buick-Pontiac-GMC dealership

Of most value to me is the quality of people behind AutoUpLinkUSA, from the gentleman who visits our lot to image vehicles and get VIN data to technical support. AutoUpLinkUSA is responsive, communicative and very business-like. If I do have a technical issue I never have to make more than one phone call. I cannot say enough about their team. Agent Barry Smith is wonderful, bringing us new ideas and keeping us current on new technologies and trends. AutoUpLinkUSA saves me time and gives me peace of mind that my inventory is listed correctly and timely because without it I won’t have a business. Their training is phenomenal and helps us get the most from its Profit Center back-end tools. I love these guys.- Jann Hall BDC Director and Internet Manager, Sonny Hancock Automotive, Lowell, NC, a Cadillac-Chevrolet dealership, and three Sonny Hancock pre-owned centers in North and South Carolina

The AutoUpLinkUSA agent who drives the purple Scion to our dealership regularly to image our inventory and handle our account is truly a professional gentleman. I have worked with a number of ‘difficult’ people from prior services, but Jason is constantly a pro. He does his work, quickly and regardless of the weather he is here servicing our business. He deserves a pat on the back because of his efforts we work like clockwork.- Joe SaxmanInternet manager, #1 Cochran’s Saturn of Monroeville, Monroeville, PA

Presenting a professional and compliant vehicle appearance is important, and the high-quality window stickers and Buyer’s Guides that our AutoUpLinkUSA agent produces for us on site means new inventory is ready for retail fast. At the same time they’re imaging new inventory and uploading those cars to our web sites and the online classified car ads sites we use. We operate three independent stores in two towns, so having these tasks taken care of for us is not only a convenience but real time-saver too. And as we move into streaming video for online listings in the future, AutoUpLinkUSA will be our partners for that emerging marketing as well. - Dan KoppyOwner/operator, Koppy Motors, Forest Lake and Hinckley, MN