Window Labels and Buyers Guides

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Simply put, there are no better or more comprehensive Window Sticker and Buyers Guides available than those from AutoUpLinkUSA. Colorful, attractive and content-rich Window Labels when promptly affixed to arriving pre-owned inventory helps dealers merchandize them fast! Our comprehensive and easy-to-understand Buyers Guides comply fully with federal and state regulations, display dealer state-specific warranty information and can be customized to include dealer-specific warranty data, as well as information pertaining to "Certified" programs, "Systems Covered" information and "Duration" statements. Both our Window Labels and Buyers Guides are available in Spanish.

Window Labels

  • Highest quality provided by Dasco Labels.
  • Pre-printed dealer-specific templates using the highest quality UV resistant inks in the industry.
  • Customized by AutoUpLinkUSA to meet any dealer's specific demands and requests.
  • Provided in two to multi-color versions to match dealer-specific and dealer group-specific colors and designs with logos, artwork¬†and text.
  • Templates printed under controlled environments at our facilities - stickers remain bright and easy to read even under harsh conditions of the used vehicle environment.
  • Offered in hundreds of options using AutoUpLinkUSA data acquisition software - up to 50-plus options can be displayed per label, based on label format. Options categorized under "Safety" and "Comfort and Convenience" features.
  • Include a mini-CARFAX©Vehicle History Report on each window sticker. Get the most out of your CARFAX© marketing dollar by displaying the vehicle history highlights. Only favorable information will print on the window sticker.
  • Print EPA Estimated MPG Ratings on each window sticker.
  • Print QR Codes on each window sticker to help drive traffic and generate valuable leads with mobile phone marketing right on your window stickers.
  • Language-correct Spanish versions for use in conjunction with English versions, where required.
  • Only Label program available with both "Full Service" and/or dealer "Do-It-Yourself" service applications and software.

Window Label Examples

Buyers Guides

  • Highest quality provided by Dasco Label.
  • Complete with federal and state compliance on all warranties available.
  • Only Buyers Guide label application with entire warranty matrix for all year, make, model, engine etc. built into software.
  • Dealer state-specific warranties such as 60 day/2500 mile or 30 day/1000 mile.
  • Customizable to include dealer-specific warranties such as 12 month/12,000 mile up to 100,000 miles and less than 8 years old.
  • Optional warranties information specific to all "Certified" programs, and include all "Systems Covered" and "Duration" information.
  • Available in complete OEM "Balance of Factory Warranty" matrix for each manufacturer. This actually lists the specific warranty by year for each vehicle. No other Buyers Guide in the industry offers such value to the consumer and to the dealer. We are also able to supply "Certified" labels for most dealers' needs to include GM Certified.
  • Fully interpreted Spanish language Buyers Guides. These are not just a non-specific Buyers Guide, but a full and legal translation of the English version for each vehicle. No one else in the industry offers this value to the dealers and the consumer.

Window Label Examples