AutoUpLinkUSA SmartAuctionSM Listing Tool

Screenshot of GMAC SmartAuction listing tool

Never has it been so easy and profitable for SmartAuctionSM approved dealers to upload their online vehicle listings right from AutoUpLinkUSA Inventory Management into SmartAuctionSM. Quick, fast and as easy as pushing a button.

With SmartAuctionSM integrated into your AutoUpLinkUSA tools, move as many vehicles as you want from your online listings through AutoUpLinkUSA to SmartAuctionSM. Click on tab in your AutoUpLinkUSA Inventory Management page and SmartAuctionSM opens right there on your screen. Enter access information, click the tab for online listings and automatically populate SmartAuctionSM.

  • Leverage your existing online inventory (complete with descriptions, VIN data and images) by marketing it also directly through SmartAuctionSM.
  • Simplify your total online auction processes.
  • Take advantage of fast loading to seize opportunities as they emerge.
  • Takes a time-consuming process and shaves it down to seconds regardless of the number of units moving to SmartAuctionSM