High-Resolution Digital Images

Screenshot for high resolution images

Anyone can take pictures of your inventory. The challenge is producing a consistent, high quality display of your inventory, highlighting key areas of each vehicle that shoppers are interested in seeing. AutoUplinkUSA data agents are trained to take professional quality digital images in the adverse lighting conditions that occur in most dealership environments.

Don't be fooled by image size - instead, focus on image resolution and quality. Some companies will try to sell you "large format" or "supersized" images. The truth is that most online classified websites and dealership website providers will only display a 640px by 480px image and will automatically “downsample” anything larger. Though AutoUpLinkUSA can send larger format images to lead providers that can accommodate them, we focus our attention on generating high quality images at high resolution. In digital photography, resolution is the measure of pixels per inch. Therefore, higher resolution images can display more detail than standard resolution images of the same size (640x480).

Custom Image Overlay

Custom Image Overlay Example

AutoUpLinkUSA can also customize any or all of your inventory images with custom designed image overlays. Add your logo, web address, contact or promotional information to your photos. Tie each of your vehicle images in with your current marketing campaign. Add the overlay image to any or all images to make your images stand out in the crowd! Click for more information on image customization.