AutoUpLinkUSA Dealer UpLink™ D-I-Y

Screenshot for Do-it-yourself solutions

A Do-It-Yourself tool for dealers who themselves wish to list, upload and publish high-resolution images and inventory data for their inventory as well as publish their own window labels in-house. Includes all the functionality and comprehensive services of our full-service package minus the on-site services of our certified field agents


  • Complete online solutions: Includes all functionality and benefits of the powerful Dealer Profit Center™ inventory management system
  • Custom inventory pages and links: Numerous custom inventory display templates; customize your presentation or customize colors, logos to match your web site graphics.
  • DMS Polling: Automatic inventory adds and; automatic updates and sold/deletes; plus, customized pricing adds, modifications and updates.
  • Add/edit content: Easily add and edit all options and prices; includes bulk upload for up to 50 high-resolutions images per vehicle.
  • Premier VIN decoder package
  • Access to online printing: Allows online printing of dealer-specific, custom, multi-color, pre-printed window labels plus all state and federal compliant Buyers Guides. Includes two labels per vehicle, plus online printing in the dealership.
  • Extensive simplification:
    1. Select vehicles to print labels.
    2. Put appropriate labels in printer.
    3. Select print all labels button.
    4. Place labels appropriately on vehicle windows.
  • Back up AULUSA local Agent service when the need arises.
  • Training, marketing and consulting: Training of dealership personnel to utilize all management and publishing tools included.

NEW! AutoUpLinkUSA EasyImage Uploader™ Camera and Software

Designed to remove the hassle associated with capturing and renaming images creating a painless upload process.

EasyImageUploader Camera
  • AULUSA Software Integrated Camera: Quickly and Easily download a list of vehicles needing images to the EasyImage Uploader™ Camera. Select a vehicle needing images of from the list of vehicles in the camera and start taking pictures. Then plug the camera back into the computer and watch the images transfer automatically. Simple and Quick.
  • Professional Quality Images: The Ricoh Caplio 500SE's 8.13 megapixel image sensor allows you to capture amazing detail.
  • Field Ready Camera: The Ricoh Caplio 500SE is designed for the field. It's built tough and can handle just about all that you can throw at it.