DPC Is The Killer App

The Killer App for Killer Online Sales

Everyone searches for the magic bullet of online auto sales - the digital marketing Killer App that nails them all -- and here it is, Dealer Profit Center known as DPC, energized by AutoUpLink Tech.

Dealers who use DPC to drive their online inventory listings to sites like Cars.com, Carsoup.com, eBay Motors and YouTube really kill their competition.

DPC is the killer app that puts your inventory in front of more buyers in more compelling, visually powerful and persuasive dynamic formats that really drive clicks and leads.

DPC energized by AutoUpLink Tech is the one single app your dealership will ever need for power-boosted, high-octane inventory listings and descriptions, images and videos - automatically posted daily to more than 370 online car shopping sites, plus:

  • Highest page status Google results
  • Easiest eBay and YouTube lister
  • Direct-to-auction (OpenLane and Smart Auction) advantages
  • Price comparison tools to help keep your listings most competitive!

DPC means more car sales online

Dealers Know:
"If I turn my inventory three times faster than you, I make more money than you do - regardless of profit on any one unit."

AutoUpLink Tech client
Jim Bush, Sales Manager,
Whitaker Buick-GMC,
Forest Lake, MN

Dealers using DPC drive the hardest-hitting, most complete suite of online inventory listing, publishing and management solutions for today's serious Internet-driven dealerships.

This killer app nails the competition by helping you create and manage the most compelling vehicle sales on the Internet:

  • Human voiceover video
  • Ad writer and custom comment generator
  • A do-it-yourself listing option
  • CRM to help manage and close leads
  • YouTube and eBay easy lister tools
  • Best concern resolution
  • And much more!

In online inventory marketing, the killer app is DPC, energized by AutoUpLink Tech. To get started today email sales at sales@autouplinktech.com or call us Toll Free 1-866-949-9754.