AutoUpLinkUSA Integrated Data Stream™

Screenshot for DMS Polling

Sophisticated Integrated Data Stream™ (IDS) software and Dealer Management System (DMS) polling for the most accurate, up-to-date online vehicle inventory details. Ensures that each piece of data used for online publishing and inventory management is correct and current.

The AutoUpLinkUSA IDS™ software lets you set automatic business rules and filters for your data. Customize online listings and pricing, based on make, model, body style, sales cost, sale price, correct accounting age, mileage, stock number, status and photos.

Automatically integrates your physical inventory data plus images from your DMS electronic and accounting inventory files with interactive data entered by dealership personnel.

Automatic polling of your DMS inventory accounting files each night extracts information updates, modifications, additions, and deletions:

  • Vehicles sold or deleted
  • Vehicle adds and modifications
  • Pricing modifications and additions, such as cost and list prices
  • Option and feature updates
  • Seven (7) day per week extraction and updating up to Four (4) times per day.

Includes training of your personnel to properly update and enter information into your DMS to ensure vehicle data quality control.