AutoUpLinkUSA Physical Inventory Services

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For the busy dealership with no time to spare on creating compelling inventory presentations for its online as well as on-lot inventory, AutoUpLinkUSA offers its full-service Physical Inventory Services handled professionally on-site by our experienced, certified field agents.

Designed to handle soup-to-nuts inventory capture, listing and publication - or individual nuts and bolts as you desire - AutoUpLinkUSA Physical Inventory Services helps you create first-rate presentations of your inventory, whether online or on your lot.

You choose the service that fits your need; our field agents handle the details and the work for you:

  • Window Sticker Only: Available in English or Spanish, AutoUpLinkUSA vehicle sticker templates are pre-printed at our printer in Minneapolis on Avery-brand paper using the highest quality UV-resistant inks. Your stickers won't fade and will last until the vehicle is sold.

    Our field agents collect vehicle data using the industry’s largest and most robust database of OEM specific options and features. You're assured that your window sticker information will be complete and accurate for every vehicle.

    The details for each of your vehicles are then printed on our pre-printed window sticker templates at your dealership and installed on your vehicles. Choose from:

  • Inventory Service with Image: Our agents collect all vehicle inventory data, options and features, including multiple high resolution digital images of each vehicle. All data and images are then uploaded to AutoUpLinkUSA's IDS (Integrated Data Stream) software for publication to the Internet, including your dealership's web sites.

  • Window Stickers with Image: A combination of all aspects of Window Stickers Only and Inventory Service with Image Services.

  • Images Only: Our agents take images only of new and/or pre-owned vehicles and upload them to AutoUpLinkUSA's IDS database for publication to the Internet, including your dealership's web sites.

  • Multiple Images: Our agents take multiple high resolution digital images images of each vehicle for publication to Internet sites that can display multiple images, such as,, eBay Motors and more.

The performance, thoroughness and accuracy of your AutoUpLinkUSA field agent is guaranteed in writing per each specific contract. The number of service visits per week is dependent on inventory turn at each individual store.

Our services are guaranteed in writing - no more empty promises on good, effective service or number of service visits.